Saturday, July 21th. Oord festival. Emmeloord.

Saturday, May 19th. Stonerfall Festival. Victorie, Alkmaar.

Saturday, November 4th, 2017. Off The Record Festival. With Boudain & Void King, DeadHead.

Friday, October 20th, 2017. Into The Void Festival, Leeuwarden

Friday, August 25th, 2017. Dirty & Dancing, Osnabruck, Germany

Saturday, July 22th, 2017. Baroeg, Rotterdam. With Sasquatch

Friday, July 21th, 2017. Uelsen, Germany. With Sasquatch

Thursday, april 20th, 2017. Willemeen, Arnhem, The Netherlands
With, Nightstalker (GR)

Sunday, april 23rd, 2017. ROADBURN FESTIVAL
Cul de Sac, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Friday, april 14th, 2017. Metropool, Hengelo, The Netherlands
With The Wounded

Saturday, november 5th ,2016. OFF THE RECORD FESTIVAL
Stone in Egypt, The Monolith Deathcult, Cowboys & Aliens (BE) Scythian Fall (DE) 't Ukien, Kampen (NL)

Saturday, november 12th, 2016, With The Skull (USA)
Cult-Art Shop, Nijverdal (NL)

Saturday, january 21th, 2017
Blues Rock Cafe Midtown, Deventer (NL)

Saturday, 14 may 2016. De Klos, Emmeloord (NL). With: Tank86.

Friday, 10 June 2016. Hedon, Zwolle (NL). Album Presentation "Feed The Void". + Drive By Wire

Thursday, 30 june 2016. Little Devil, Tilburg (NL). With: Hypnos (SE).

26 march 2016. Tattoofest Indoor, Cult-Art Shop, Nijverdal (NL). With: Illusionless, Dead End, Hateflag.

7 november 2015
OFF THE RECORD FESTIVAL. 't Ukien Kampen (NL). With: The Good Hand, Tank86, Officium Triste.

31 january 2015. Musicon Den Haag (NL).

14 november 2014. ONderbroek Nijmegen (NL). With: Iguana (DE).

1 november 2014. Dutch Doom Days, Baroeg Rotterdam (NL). 

31 october 2014. Doom over Bielefeld festival, Falkendom Bielefeld (DE).
With: Shever (CH) & The Wounded Kings (GB). 

11 october 2014. Viersprong Nieuw- Amsterdam. With: Grinner (NL).

4 october 2014. Breakaway on Stage, Ommen (NL). With: Area Disaster (DE) & Gaskin (GB).

20 september 2014. 't Ukien Kampen, (NL). With: Jurassic Parc (NL) & ELise (NL).